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Getting Motivated, Staying Motivated

Make your dreams come true! The keys are inspiration and persistence; skills you will learn and practice to reach your goals.

Success Without Stress: 10 Tips to Tame Tension

A thoroughly entertaining, informative keynote or workshop. Practical stress reduction strategies are presented with originality and humor.

“Who you calling old?!”

“I may be over the hill, but the view is so much better from here!” Discover why baby boomers are the most influential people in America.

You’re The Greatest Teacher Your Child Will Ever Have

Learn how not to surrender your child’s education or life’s lesson’s to others. Lovingly taking charge by remaining involved in their lives is the greatest give you will ever give them.

Can Two Women Love The Same Man And Still Remain Friends?

Yes! That is, if he’s your husband and her son-in-law! Spend time enjoying this crowd pleasing discussion about how mothers-in-law and the daughters-in-law can come to love each other and be the friends they need to be.


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Dr. Forte is an educator, author, researcher and a national motivational speaker. Her expertise is women and health issues facing them. Cecile has addressed thousands of women across the country with her highly popular “Success Without Stress: Ten Tips to Tame Tension” presentation as well many other topics.

  • M Cecile Forte, Ph.D. was educated in New York State’s public and private schools. Dr. Forte received her doctoral degree from Hofstra University. She enjoyed a successful career as a professor, administrator and consultant to public schools, colleges and universities on Long Island. She enjoys a national reputation as an author and specialist in Developmental Education as well as an expert in the accreditation of colleges and universities in the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico.
  • Dr. Forte’s educational background caused individuals and organizations to request her presence as a speaker. She gained a reputation as a motivational speaker starting in Long Island, New York and traveled as far as California to deliver her varies and inspirational messages.
  • Motivating others to reach for the stars is her life’s work.

  • Creating Your Happily Ever After

    Happiness requires self confidence and self love not a mate!

  • Lessons Mother Never Taught Us

    How we learn and successfully use life’s lessons

  • Relaxation Techniques for Heart and Soul!!!

    Slowing down and speeding up your self satisfaction

  • Time: The Elusive Commodity

    How to make the most of it when it seems there’s so little


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